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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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turkey again launches a strike on syrian territory in retaliation for a new war to show crossing the border but thousands interrupt your city's approach as the government's approval of military action. plans in syria and the rebels who threaten to execute forty eight do runyan hostages within two days of the us of government does not comply with their demands and release captured opposition point to. thousands of islamist the call for change in the jordanian capital amman as part of a massive rally that threatens to shuttle the solid want to keep. and just days before as it is venezuela's first presidential election in six years we'll
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look at whether longtime socialist leader who good chance as a still enjoys popular support and group converge against him. the sun being here in moscow you're watching r t live with me to bang with say we start with breaking news of this hour there are reports that turkey has again launched an attack on syrian territory in response to new mortar shells being fired across the border that despite the country's two biggest cities are seeing thousands marching in protests and what they say is the government escalating tension against syria but what began as a peaceful demonstration in the capital turned violent when riot police moved in to disperse the crowd and tear gas water cannons and slow grenades we use to break the . ranks of activists unhappy with the current policies of choke his ruling party
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protesters also left out of the international media saying the us and its western allies are forcing propaganda the wave of popular this contact was sparked by the turkish parliament approving cross border military actions in syria on thursday the motion followed mortar shells being fired from inside syria they killed five people in a turkish border town and car retaliated by launching a tillery fire on syrian targets for two consecutive days dr franklin lamb international lawyer and political analyst says also mostly the situation is playing into the rebels' hands. right now one of the problems is virtually a superhighway running from turkey into syria to transport supplies cash fighters and arms and that is a very serious situation but certainly the rebels are are the beneficiaries i think
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this is very substituting in a way behalf of turkey because that nato is not going to help them out. is going to come to anything. so they're disappointed with that so i think the. superhighway and the variance play into the hands of the rebels and will encourage more outsiders to come to syria. meanwhile in syria the free syrian army says in two days they could start executing forty eight iranian pilgrims they kidnapped in august the threat would be carried out of the syrian regime does not fulfill demands to release rebel fighters and stop shelling john locke lender from the paris base in scituate of democracy and corporation says this should lead the world to the nature of the rebels fight is syria. i think it does underline the nature of at least some elements within the syrian rebels who of course are
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presented in most of the western media as freedom fighters if they were to carry out their threat to execute the hostages and i think people would understand that we are dealing with a very vicious insurgency and one which any state would be intitled and indeed obliged to try to put. this is the first time that they have done things like this the reports in the western media going back months telling how the syrian rebels would slit the throats of the syrian army soldiers that they captured so it's something they've done before visiting against their own nationals. and we've got more on the severe sea of syria turkey televisions as well as a timeline of events and analysis at our team dot com there you can also find a more on the ripple effect of the on running syrian crisis is sending to its neighboring states. thousands of islamist opposition supporters have been
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protesting in the jordanian capital amman to demand a reform that's just by the king having already dissolved the parliament the rally was organized by the jordanian wing of the muslim brotherhood artie's policia reports from amman thousands of people are gathering here in the jordanian capital of a man where the muslim brotherhood is organize a demonstration at the time to mark the friday of this country's salvation now people have had very strong demands and a lot of criticism against the jordanian government they're calling for constitutional reforms to be implemented they're calling for a fair electoral law they want to see all political prisoners released and at the same time they're also saying that government needs to root out corruption now this is a protest that has attracted not only brotherhood supporters there are people here from all political factions the police is on high guard all the roads leading here have been closed since the during the hours of friday. mourning the king is well aware of the mood on the street and that is why he is calling for early elections
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at the end of this year but the brotherhood has already said that it plans to boycott those elections the arab spring which began back in january last year has largely bypassed the hashemite kingdom this is seen as a relatively stable country in an extremely unstable region the question now though is just what is going to be the extent of the influence of the brotherhood beyond egypt and other countries where it has already come to the fore so if you look around here on the streets of amman judging by the mood and judging by the turnout of the brotherhood it does seem as if the brotherhood support is in for the long haul we are likely to see more demonstrations like this in the jordanian capital policia r.t. amman jordan. policy is keeping you up to date on the rallies in jordan twenty four seventh's log on to our twitter feed to find the pictures she is post surge of the latest scenes in the protos hit capitol among. them britain the army is the latest victim of the financial of he will thousands of u.k.
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soldiers have been told not to report for duty come the new year but desired his party boyko reports when it comes to funding expensive war toys britain apparently has money to burn. the number of soldiers in the british army is being cut back by a fifth as you can see here that's quite a significant reduction is going to mean the smallest british army since before the napoleonic wars eight thousand u.k. troops face christmas as unemployed civilians defense secretary philip pam and insists the cuts a necessary to balance the defense budget yet at the same time the u.k. is committed to remaining one of the biggest military spending is in the world well any modern army even if it cuts its troops needs up to date equipment but take a look at these the british government has spent some two billion pounds on developing remote control attack drones since two thousand and seven but homegrown
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u.k. drones don't have a good track record how about the watch keeper drone this nifty piece of military equipment has already cost the u.k. taxpayers are about eight hundred million pounds it was meant to be up and flying by now it isn't yet ready and now running two under half years late the watch keep its predecessor was a drone called the phoenix that proved so unreliable that an army suckles it became known as the bugger off because it often left on missions never to return the phoenix was such an epic fail that it was used as an example of the quote dismal failure of the british built drone for systems engineering students in one u.k. university and the cost of this techno flop two billion pounds in fact the ministry of defense his attempt to balance its books has actually contributed to an increase in spending on equipment something those troops facing their final paycheck in the coming weeks will find hard to stomach. r.t.
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. clashes have taken place in several cities across the us police dispersed students protesting against cuts in education funding students say they have been beaten by clubs and several protesters have been detained italy is a euro zone is our fourth largest economy and one of the worst hit by the economic crisis another trouble state to greece announcing it can only manage without another portion of international aid until november the least the greek troubles one stop until either politicians change their approach. we have reached the unemployment like twenty five percent especially between young people it's fifty percent who have to start changing clown we have to have merkel changing that have point of view because the recipe is not working this is the fifth year of depression there's very few measures are enough we have changed the way that we really think of our economy. after
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a long but in the fall campaign venezuela holds its first presidential election in six years on sunday and both candidates incumbent chavez and his rival enrique capri less but the most of their last day on the campaign trail archies lucy coffin of look said what's at stake during this election. there's no question who these venezuelans will be voting for coming out over seventh and we are here because we support our president charles he does many things to help us housing education programs helping the poor everything here has gotten a lot better because of him everything has changed. their red shirts brand the mr beast is the life blood of the venezuelan president's left just movement through out his fourteen years in power for the hundreds of thousands of supporters who gathered in caracas on thursday the message was clear they want six more years of hell commandante. supporters say the child is. the country's first presidents
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genuinely care about the lower class. but i think chavez is the punishment of the rich and the window of hope to. get. under the banner of socialism for the twenty first century chavez has pumped hundreds of billions of petro dollars into the economy and government run aid programs along with earning him popular support poverty has fallen from fifty percent in one thousand nine hundred nine to around thirty percent last year yet life in this country is far from ideal and with the plague of unemployment climb and corruption many venezuelans are now saying it's time for chavez to go but it looks like i'm one of . his time has passed and we need a change. in this race change means a vote for opposition leader in the us a forty year old lawyer who has enjoyed a privileged upbringing. was the son of a wealthy family that controls a media conglomerate and a chain of movie theaters. supporters by promising to combat falling unemployment
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and corruption but opponents have charged the caprices is deliberately hiding his real economic goals the candidates are cut i think it would be worth it for the chavez is the man of the people who's come from this kind of poverty and now works to try to change that and the other candidate and repeat your feelings is a man of the wealthy elite and all of our you who would implement privatization neoliberal it appears. austerity and it's a choice between two radically different worldviews a referendum on venezuela's socialist experiment. that meant to shut. them down it's a way of. going to. seek out one of artsy craftsy. but in just a few minutes we'll all skate political analysts to whether there is any truth to the media coverage or. also ahead
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a life changing to a canadian detention center for one russian man he ends up in a hospital after being falsely accused. russia may soon provide licenses to foreign companies and. ground breaking move. more on that story. after this short break. you can tell in ordinary russian. in the blink of an. anthropologist. those days siberians were different clothes different food. different animals. but what about. my journey began in the big city was all shiny. scrapers and shopping much like any other prosperous russian.
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so i decided to. a small town just outside. dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia. with cabbage and making sure you can have as a starter main dish. though it may draw the. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting only if you decide to participate.
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when you look upon. and martin. is in the middle of a swamp only accessible by. and went up. it's inhabited by siberian. north sea that migrated head before the russians. and this. israel siberia maybe not the stuff of tourism brochures but distinctive enough to show that he has siberia still not quite like anywhere else. more news today violence is once again fled. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are old today.
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and. you know what you are too good to have you with us as promised to expert and
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malices on sunday's presidential elections in venezuela now joining me from maryland is bill fletcher author and senior scholar with the institute for policy studies could you have you with us here on r.t. said the u.s. media coverage of venezuela's presidential campaign has been criticized as one sided and directed against chavez why is that. it's been directed consistently in fact is an excellent article that was published in two thousand and nine by jules boycott that goes through almost point for point about the way that the media in the u.s. is treated chavez it is because president child is from the very beginning has been asserting the sovereignty of venezuela the desire to change the economic rules and this runs counter to the economic philosophy that comes are the united states so no matter what chavez has done at different points he ends up being more blamed
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there's some sort of demon and we can remember in a coup of two thousand and two. u.s. was quick to recognize. people and quick to denounce chivers. now why i mean the in the west does react quite negative the negative intimate such obvious as government why what the flag what is the threat that he poses to them if there's any oh it's it's a venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is saying that neo liberal economics is failing the planet that the polarization of wealth which we see not just in one country not just in two countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be a redistribution of wealth that companies cannot run roughshod over the rest of the planet i mean this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense they they see pret a president chavez and as
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a threat and then you add to that after the victory of the venezuelan people and the election of chavez you had a series of turns to the left in latin america they were identical but they were definitely turns to the left in a move to introduce a different economic philosophy and to have greater sovereignty. these elections that i coming up on sunday why is the outcome of these elections are so important for countries beyond venezuela and latin america i mean what's at stake for them here. what's at stake in venezuela than outside of venezuela what's at stake in venezuela is that this that they are polar opposites these are candidates that are not operating within the same framework one represents the old the past the even though he's younger the older ruling class one is representing the poor and
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working people and attempting to introduce some sort of social transformation the one the hope. certain united states is a defeated president charges would be a defeat and a demoralization of those who wish to go a different economic group and would be a reaffirmation of what margaret thatcher said once upon a time that there is no alternative. let's leave it right there thank you very much mr bill fletcher author and senior scholar with the institute for polity policy studies for your thought on this thank you very much. the russian man remains in a serious condition after being brutally beaten in a canadian then detention center dinies telly karf was arrested after his classmate in a canadian language school said he had been threatened by him the charges were later dropped i spoke to them is a sister and she say's canada's authorities are doing nothing to help their family . very often it's happening all we are and it's been an awful lot
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but i sit in with. them in the work i mean we're not. going to not go with him and didn't try to reach. you know they're not commenting anything in the absolutely they are not helping with. they trying to control this i'm almost there they're trying to put. their own criminal people from the people who are not criminals but it's not happening all but they're in the end you're in while they need we're in our i.c.u. unit they were in me in the same hospital with a different kind of in yours. there are more stories of features of videos and analysis for you on a website at r t v dot com including the making calls more eco friendly is proving hopeful to millions of head online to learn why it blends salt to make biofuel in
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developing countries that's putting people on the brink of starvation. datsun ad off in the big apple jewish and christian activist groups respond to it and anti islam is supposed to campaign with a message of tolerance. but you as president is being sued by a chinese owned company for blocking its plan to wind farm investment on u.s. territory the firm believes barack obama acted on morphine when he banned the operator on national security concerns with only a month left before the us elections professor joseph chang believes obama is just trying to score cheap popularity points. and it comes to paying china not to china to. and there is
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a certain believe in discrimination against china two levels of concerns over the recent one is the general intention of the united states to china china sort of and he wants to tell the fans countries that the world and it is easy to acquire technology management and so on from the united states and other western countries the other concern of course is the you know action campaign gimmicks or you know action campaign politics is a literary under time no reason presidential action campaigns tendency on the candidate to engage in time to just as they did in japan and bash ania in the eighty's and ninety's. and if he managed to dimitri has that this hour as a business update stay with us here not. emission
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market why not this scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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well and welcome to the business update here on the russia may grant licenses to foreign companies to drill for oil and it's a rich optic waters now this is the latest move potentially in order to attract foreign investment as artie's nic pool reports deal to contains at least one fifth of the world's untapped hydrocarbon reserves and the largest part of that territory of course belongs to russia but russia is aware that there is a problem in getting those resources out is enormously expensive and take the key
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very challenging now a number of deals have been done with west of the oil which all needed for their financial backing and technical expertise these include the us six zero mobile at least any and norway stats will put to sweeten the pot further alexandra nowak the energy minister here says the government is considering allowing foreign oil to open the licenses that they operate this would be a radical departure normally what happens here is the only road to get them to gazprom the big states are allowed to own the oil that's on the ground but they do need to make the projects attractive to give you an idea of the amount of money involved knew that made these comments on a trip to london which is part of a plan to drum up one trillion dollars worth of investment in the russian oil and gas sector by twenty twenty meanwhile the head of russia's biggest oil company ross nafta is right now in london to discuss boosting cooperation with strategic partners one of these could be potentially b.p.
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which has been trying to get into the arctic except it's russian partners. wouldn't let them do so but b.p. now wants to sell its stake potentially to ross now and this could facilitate the way. the current shareholder agreement prevents b.p. from you know making any investments outside of ten k. b.p. in russia so there has to be a solution and one of them does leaving exiting from ten-k. b.p. then in theory there are still assets less. than they used to be because the big pieces were taken by exxon buy in ny and stop the oil but i'm pretty sure that in terms of exploration assets there's still a lot of potential and a lot of assets to be considered for these investments from b.p. in the arctic. not on the stock markets a big surprise came from the labor department in the united states the unemployment rate in sept.


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